Editorial 101

Editorial is written or it could be also in the form of a cartoon illustration or drawing about the subject matter. Editorial is generally produced by a newspaper that has its aim to give an opinion on a specific topic. One that has a position on the newspaper can write the editorial or any person in charge to do it. It can vary from different countries but the common or core is to highlight some issue by way of the editorial and it can be sensitive.

There are types of an editorial that is used and this includes editorial of information. This type of editorial aims to give facts about a subject matter like news or give a definition of terms.

Editorial of interpretation. This editorial is aimed to give an explanation of a subject like news. It presents two sides and is not biased as the writer will not agree to any side.

Editorial of criticism. This editorial will present an argument and aims to influence the reader as it gives recommendations as a conclusion.

Editorial of commendation, appreciation, or tribute. This type of editorial commend a person or organization for their deed and give praise and tribute.

Editorial of argumentation. This type will give a statement and argument to make a person agree with his idea.

Editorial of entertainment. It is a short editorial that has the focus to give laughter but giving the facts in a funny way.

Mood editorial. This type gives a philosophy to a subject instead of an explanation or statement of opinion.

Special Occasion. This type of editorial explains why an event or occasion is essential.